Sufjan Stevens-“The Greatest Gift” Video

It is a very good week when this shows up! No words necessary, just positive vibes and amazing music.

View and Listen.

Sufjan Stevens-The Greatest Gift


“Praise the mountain and the rain

All the gifts that still remain

But the greatest gift of all

And the law above all laws

Is to love your friends and lovers

And lay down your life for your brothers

As you abide in peace

So will your delight increase

As the mystery of the cross

Asa Lovejoy lost the toss

And the fountain in the rain

Where my sorrow still remains

So I run to my friends and lovers

I lay down my life for my brothers

As I abide in peace

So will my delight increase”



Sufjan Stevens recently released all new material as a companion collection to his last album, Carrie and Lowell. It has 12 songs that last almost an hour surprising us with four songs left off his Carrie and Lowell album, as well as demos and remixes. It opens a window into the way his last album was conceived, created, and designed. The mixtape, The Greatest Gift, also presents the melancholy material in a new light with interesting remixes. Even though the new material is a bit scattered, Stevens once again leans into his generous and full heart with his music, leaving us satisfied to have his abundant creativity in our midst again.



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