Maybird-To The Stars and Bluebird Flew Away


Today seems to be the right time, to come back and post music again.

The holidays put me on a serious hold. I was juggling incredibly important family milestones, Christmas, and peaceful vacation time. Please forgive my temporary hiatus. I am the kind of person who puts everyone else on a higher priority status than myself and my writing and music sharing.

I am hoping you have had a quiet, joyful, and connected holiday as well as a happy beginning to your new year. My wish is that your days will become pleasurable memories that will forever be revisited in conversations and moments together with your family and friends.

My focus on this holiday has been doing just that. I pray I might have succeeded, but only time will tell.

Today, is my mother’s birthday.  Unfortunately, my mother lost her hard fought battle to cancer many, many years ago. I can close my eyes and see it as almost yesterday. Her birthday brings a mound of emotion and it is sadly combined with the end of the joyous holiday season. It is a strange powerful funk…..

Yep, it is a terribly difficult day for me, but my emotions are deep and perhaps that may be important in terms of finding music that matches my mood.

Music soothes me in a way I could never accurately describe in a post.

So I seek music that can soothe my heart and be a salve for some of my deepest wounds. The music changes, but remains a central focus for me for either sadness or joy or any other emotion in between. When I dive into the music with purpose, I am floored by the connections I find.

Float with me….

Maybird-To The Stars


“Through the fog I could see you float away

Through sun and the golden glow of day

Strange colors pulling you up

Into their pawn

Through curtain made of ancient wedding gowns

Through the window of the oldest house in town

White linen ribbon splattered with purple wine

Through the fog I could see you float away

To the stars

Through the fog I could see you float away

Through sun and the golden glow of day

Through the fog I could see you float away

To the stars”



Maybird is a band I have followed for a few years and written many posts. Josh Netsky, Sam Snyder, Kurt Johnson, and  Adam Netsky all hail from Brooklyn and Rochester, NY. They are a powerhouse of space rock psychedelia that pushes the boundaries of soothing sound and thoughtful introspection. They are the essential band to listen to with closed eyes and careful consideration.

“To the Stars”, is a tune that sends me into thoughtful moments about loved ones I have lost or those that have slipped from my everyday perspicacity. I wonder where they are and what they might be doing. Are they happy…at peace? Do they remember me or wonder about my life? Is heaven a busy place? Are people gathering and laughing and sharing there? Perhaps you might also wonder about those you miss while listening.

After my mother’s death, I mourned with a terrible darkness. But I must say, my sadness abated in fleeting quiet moments that I truly felt as if she returned to me to comfort me and ease my pain. One moment in particular was when I was visited by the most glorious bluebird in my backyard. The bird literally swooped past my face, almost forcing me to pay attention, Then it quietly flitted and floated across my yard in a beautiful dance of life, I was taken aback by its uniqueness and its solace. Without warning, I was struck with the wonder of our world and found peace in that, and that alone. I suddenly knew another day would be better.

So, when I learned of Maybird’s song, “Bluebird Flew Away”, I was struck with a sense of knowing that this band connects with me in an ethereal way, I  can never completely explain. Perhaps you might find a similar connection. With their lovely dance across the throw back 60’s sound and the addition of a wailing slide guitar, it transcends any time and place.


Maybird-Bluebird Flew Away




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  1. This post resonates with me – my mother as well lost her battle to cancer many years ago. Her birthday was Valentines day of all days. That day has always produced a melancholy mood for me. This year I vow to plant a tree that day for her memory.

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