# 1 of the Top 20 Countdown of Indie Albums for 2018- immersed in cool music

I have been posting everyday, counting down my top 20 albums. Yesterday went a little haywire and I wasn’t able to properly devote time to my rough draft. So, sorry for the brief delay. Here is my #1 album of the year. It is a doozy!

Mitski – Be the Cowboy




Cunningly beautiful, Be The Cowboy is a more grown up album than Puberty 2. Many of the songs veer into indie-pop and the album lays the groundwork for reaching out into a larger audience with a broader sound. Mitski continues enhancing the music with hazy guitar, but has added more synth and piano, keeping the album more compelling. While listening, it seems like you are opening up a door to Mitski Miyawaki’s complicated private life, but the lyrics are just obscure enough where it provides a safe space to explore your own collisions with personal loneliness, complex relationships, and raw emotions. The careful crafting of this subtle feature is the golden treasure hidden within the fourteen short tracks which makes this album a strong number one for 2018. Mitski creates a world we can all fall into, making the music relatable on so many levels. Her ability to create compositions with depth are a megaphone for her complex, silky vocals, enhancing her haunting vulnerability and resounding emotional strength. 

Here are samples of all 20 artists from my top 20 albums for 2018! Follow along and listen!

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