50 Years! Whoa….Throwback Thursday’s Tune

January 2019 Beatles Roof Top 1.jpg

It was 5o years ago that The Beatles had their iconic gig on a roof in England, Apparently there was a lot of drama and they almost dIdn’t get it together and play. What makes it so amazing is that it was their last public performance.

“When the Beatles first started playing, there was some confusion from spectators watching five stories below, many of whom were on their lunch break. As the news of the event spread, crowds of onlookers began to congregate in the streets and on the roofs of local buildings. While most responded positively to the concert, the Metropolitan Police grew concerned about noise and traffic issues. Apple employees initially refused to let police inside, but reconsidered when threatened with arrest.”

I looked up the setlist, and sure enough it appeared!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.06.09 PM.png

What makes me giggle is that my dad was emphatic about The Beatles never really making it as a band. He expressed to my older sister, when she insisted on watching Ed Sullivan (their first US tv appearance), that they were going to come and go and really weren’t worth screaming and crying over. It was way before my time, but the story is a true one and holds it’s weight in the far too few family gatherings.

Okay tell that harsh news to any pre-teen and that might defy all odds and almost create a deeper connection with whatever band was poo-pooed by the loving adult. Yep, his statements worked against him and continue to haunt him today. The Beatles were arguably the MOST SUCCESSFUL BAND EVER.

So, looking at their setlist of their spontaneous roof top concert, which is your favorite song?

Here is mine….Enjoy!

The Beatles-Get Back

I can’t stop…love this song too, but there wasn’t great footage so opted for Get Back. Have to share.

The Beatles-Dig A Pony




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