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I have been following Girlpool since about 2015 (check out my first review, HERE). I was immediately attracted to their stripped down harmonic sound, which proved to be simple in delivery while infused with depth. They exhibited a distinctive balanced chemistry on stage, when I saw them perform at Wrecking Ball later that same year.

Fast forward to 2019, Girlpool has a new album, a new look, and a larger more expansive sound. Known for their beautiful harmonies and successful live shows, Girlpool once again builds on that foundation and creates a shimmering new sound that makes me excited for new music this year. With the transition of Cleo Tucker, Tucker’s voice may be an octave lower, yet it still honors the blending of both Tucker and Harmony Tividad, the singer/songwriters behind the band. On their recently released album, What Chaos Is Imaginary, some songs still include their pure style with thumps of heavy bass that made them indie favorites, but other songs are more developed and more dynamic in scope. Within the 14 songs which make up the new album, the two leads occasionally pass the baton and each voice is highlighted on its own which adds listening interest and complexity to the 45 minutes of play. I believe this album may be a strong contender for a top album this year.

The stand out track, “Pretty”, displays the lovely balance of their growth and hard work. It is a memorable, catchy tune which will surely become a fan favorite. Listen…

“I’m not the person down the block
I’m not the kid you like a lot
I drive 500 miles a week
I count my words I hate to speak
I remember seeing you in dreams
Trying to understand what this sadness means
I hate the way I feel confused
Like I’ll always be a part of you

You were such an idol
Yeah, you were the whole world
Now you see you look pretty broken
Pretty broken

I’m not a dreamer in their prime
I’m consistently not worth your time
Sometimes I feel so far away
It’s hard to think I’ll ever stay
There was a person I once knew
He built a molehill out of glue
He claimed I was too close to stick
But somehow I’m still stuck in it

You were such an idol
Yeah, you were the whole world
Now you see you look pretty broken
Pretty broken, pretty broken
Pretty broken”

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