PHOTOS: Slaughter Beach, Dog @ The Masquerade

Jake Ewald of Slaughter Beach, Dog

Slaughter Beach, Dog came to Atlanta in support of Jake Ewald’s third album, Safe And Also No Fear via Lame-O Records. With the latest album, Ewald continues to develop a solid folk-rock sound by experimenting musically and becoming more independent, despite the addition of former band mate from MB, Ian Farmer.

Opening up the show was Philly based Cave People. Lead singer, David Tomaine began with a sentimental tribute for the recent, unexpected death of the original opener and poet, Spenser Hogans. He recited one of his lovely poems from a notebook. The busy crowd quickly hushed and even as people continued to file into the venue, all listened with deep respect for the unusual start. Tomaine and his three bandmates (two of which also played with Slaughter Beach, Dog) leaned into their guitars and steady drums to play a combination of toe-tapping jams that put the crowd on a more upbeat note. As the crowd responded with dancing and swaying to their eleven songs, Cave People proved to be a talented support of the anticipated Slaughter Beach, Dog.

Check out a live video…

Jake Ewald of Slaughter Beach, Dog has always been a master of words, by beautifully describing seemingly mundane details of a simple day. Through catchy combinations and maturing revelations, he has captured a loyal following. In support of his third album, after his band Modern Baseball, he and his bandmates (with guitarist Ian Farmer also of MB) arrived in Atlanta at The Masquerade last Thursday night. Many diehard admirers waited at the stage and discussed seeing him just this past March when he toured solo. He has come into his own with his latest album as he musically ventured through his anxious twenties. We were there anticipating the stunning set in response. With a new album and a dense catalog, there was the promise of a welcomed lengthy show. Ewald didn’t disappoint and played sixteen songs and a crowd pleasing encore. It was a healthy mix of tried and true songs blended in nicely with the newest tunes from Safe and Also No Fear. This set seemed tighter and more lively in comparison to his March solo show that also included a bunch of his past songs. The newest music uses simple but powerful lyrics to uncover complex, thoughtful ideas on life, growth, and change. The show was relatable, unbearably honest, and brilliant fun.

Slaughter Beach Dog setlist 8/22/19

They played song after song with little commentary, or banter. The only breaks were when time was spent whistling, clapping, and cheering between tunes which provided enough space to set up for the next song. The Masquerade crowd proved to be hard core fans, singing along to almost every lyric (including many of the new songs from the latest album). Ewald’s smile expressed his satisfaction, despite the fact there was a little room to squeeze in a few more attendees. Slaughter Beach, Dog picked a tough night with a lot of competition throughout the city at multiple venues. So those that showed were the loyal ones, bringing their friends to enjoy the heartfelt music. Those that didn’t come….missed a great show..

Check out a live video

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Cave People

Slaughter Beach, Dog

I was thrilled to meet Emilie and her friends from Athens. She scored both playlists!

Slaughter Beach, Dog has a bunch of scheduled shows coming up. Don’t miss them if they come near you. They run through the end of September. LINK HERE

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