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Slaughter Beach Dog, Surfaces, Illiterate Light, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Zuli, The Raconteurs, Florist, and Theo Bard

Life is hard.

So hard it has the ability to blindside a writer for over a month.

Just name it, I have probably experienced a small fraction of the drama and the difficulty. Even so, I am treading water like a boss. So please forgive my hiatus and silence. Always know, I am listening to the music submissions and to new music. The music reminds me of my love and my purpose. If you haven’t caught up yet….please check out my review of Slaughter Beach, Dog’s latest album that released today (slaughter beach dog review) . I am smitten to say the least, and I think it is a worthy listen. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb and say it is my favorite album this year so far. Tender, funny, creative, and smart….Safe And Also No Fear is a truly deep dive into reflection, change and impending adulthood.

I truly enjoyed seeing Jake Ewald (of Slaughter Beach, Dog/Modern Baseball) live at the Masquerade not too long ago. He is so talented. These photos are from his March 2019 solo show.

I imagine he probably introduced one of his new songs. Anyone else at The Masquerade on March 22nd? Would love for you to chime in.

Below is my latest favorite on the new album, but honestly you need to listen to the entire album. Every single song is AMAZING!

Slaughter Beach, Dog-Anything

This song has been my rock, and my joyous reminder that we are not alone in our personal struggles. Challenges are easily slayed after listening….

Surfaces-Sunday Best

Illiterate Light is one of my favorite pop sounds of 2019. They have an incredible ability to connect and also make the music totally sway worthy. Pay attention they are just beginning to push a pretty substantial wave in the listening world……

Illiterate Light- Nuthin’s Fair

photo by Sarah Cass

This incredible songwriter/musician with Native American roots is pushing the boundaries of her personal experience. I am so psyched for her new album out on August 30th.

Black Belt Eagle Scout-At The Party

Here is a heart crushing song of break-up, and so relatable. This describes the sad heartache of saying this is the end, but I still love you.

Zuli-ur mistaken

The Raconteurs, photo by Vance Powell

How does he do it? I had to share this totally dope story/song and White’s epic music making. Jack White continues to rule.

The Raconteurs-Carolina Drama

This song shook me hard. Profound….no words. Close your eyes, turn it up, listen, and be totally open by letting it envelope you. What a struggle it is to be misunderstood or alone in this world. This song makes me feel it deeply.


And I can’t leave you without sharing a recent music submission which made me take notice. It is cool musically and the video matches the unique sound, Bravo! Check it out.

Theo Bard-Forget

After listening, which song connected with you the most? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have a great weekend!

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