PHOTOS-Margaret Glaspy and Bad Bad Hats @The Earl

Just a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to get tickets to see Margaret Glaspy. Little did I know, I would also adore the band, Bad Bad Hats, which supported her show. Lucky me, I got to The Earl in plenty of time! Relive the fun with me!



Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats is a band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and they are Kerry Alexander (vocals,guitar), Chris Hoge (drums), and Noah Boswell (bass). Kerry moved away from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and had to cope with a brand new world. So, she began writing songs to survive her loneliness and fill her time. She brings emotion and a realness to the stage. I can totally relate.





Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy is a rising star in the world of female singer/songwriters. She has such a distinctive voice and style of bluesy folk rock. Her debut album Emotions and Math is a worthwhile listen and she sums up the title well…

“In a lot of ways, it’s kind of how I operate,” says Glaspy. “I’ve always considered myself a free spirit, someone who goes with the flow, but actually I’m not exactly like that. This record really taught me that I’m super analytical and process-driven. I think they really do go together, emotions and math. Nobody is just one thing.”

I blogged her song “Somebody To Anybody”, because I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. That doesn’t really happen all that often for me. I just knew her sound was different and creatively notable. You can check it out HERE.






I love when I can get a glimpse of the set list! It helps me remember the night and I can later play it back to enjoy over and over.





After an extensive tour through Australia, Glaspy will return to Atlanta for Shaky Knees Festival on May 12. Check out her tour dates here. Don’t miss her show.

Margaret Glaspy Tour

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