High Water Fest-Sunday Sounds

In a hurry to get to the Saturday shows, but thought I’d pop out some music for you to contemplate, especially if you aren’t at High Water and want to hear the other bands playing Sunday. (full disclosure, I was crunching to spit this out before the shows today, so not much background…just music)

The Suffers-Sunday at 1:00

Wanna get your dance on? Then this Houston, gulf coast band could do the trick. Harboring a sound with a heartfelt mixture of vintage R&B and classic rock & roll with dashes of reggae, country, and hip-hop, The Suffers ten piece band might make you move your feet. Swinging your hips to the beat, slow jamming with your honey-pie, or just nodding your head in approval will be the perfect Sunday morning recovery we will seek after a Saturday of ‘full on’ sound.

Indianola-Sunday 1:45

I first learned of Indianola at Wildwood Festival outside of Athens, Georgia. I fell in love with his song “Heartstrings”. I blogged it HERE. Excited to see Indianola again, I listen to try and find other music to appreciate. Well here you go, a raw, heartfelt outcry of pain expressed in simple music. Love!

Deer Tick-Sunday 2:30

Been around awhile, but serious talent worth checking out… This tune is from 2009, but I appreciate it as if it is brand spanking new.

The Deslondes-Sunday 3:15

The Deslondes have a new one and holy cow, a nice remembrance of slower sweeter times…

Matthew Logan Vasquez-Sunday 5:00

Shared his music before, and pumped to hearing him live.


Slow Runner-Sunday 6:45

Wow, I am a fan and will appreciate their indie sound, cause it is more my speed.


John Moreland-Sunday 8:45

Ready to Yee-Haw!


Okay, I’ve covered all of the bands playing at High Water Festival. Sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, and water….I am off! Wish you were here!

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