Spoleto Finale-Middleton Place

Coolers packed, picnic fare collected, and of course ice and more ice….we were officially ready for Spoleto Finale 2016, at Middleton Place, Charleston, South Carolina.

Meeting up with friends at the Total Wine parking lot West Ashley to gather in one car, we quickly realized we had too much for one vehicle. We had too many chairs, too many packs, too many coolers, and too many people…we had to abandon the the idea of a single  car making the trip. Crazy as it sounds we were scheduled to get to the Finale at the opening of the  gates. We wanted to be sure of a semi-shaded picnic spot (does that really make a difference at 102 degrees?) Two fully loaded cars, six happy guests, and one shady piece of ground provided what was to be an epic celebration!

With 102 degrees on our car temperature gauge, we were reluctant to head out so early. Thankfully we did, and the cucumber infused vodka specialty drinks were the happy reward for the sweat equity it cost us to haul all of the stuff!


First up on stage at the lovely Middleton Gardens…

The High Divers



Luke Mitchell

Summertime *


Jordan Igoe and Band



Paper May





Walking back to our picnic area, I spotted this lovely spread. They had fresh flowers and perfectly placed food from appetizers, to side dishes, to yummy main courses. If I return next year, I have some wonderful ideas to ‘up’ our game in the picnic department.





County Line *


DSC_0329 (1).jpg

Justin Osborne


My dancing and enjoyment kept me from a lot of picture taking.  I wish I captured the enthusiastic crowd of dancers and merrymakers. Although, I did spy and snap jammin’ gal pals!


Precious to the nth degree!


The sun was beginning to drop in the sky, but even though, the heat had a melting kind of power. We all fought the imminent zap of heat exhaustion, only because the music was so good and the crowd was so jubilant.


Friends were all found, dinners and snacks were all consumed, and the refreshing drinks were poured as we anticipated the headlining band. We cheered on the night!

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats


Between watching and singing along with Nathaniel, I found my attention on these two guys who kept me entertained by their musical and dancing contribution!

IMG_9759 (1).jpg

Look It Here



I wish I captured a video of Nathaniel Rateliff’s sliding, shuffling, and dancing feet…it was smooth!



Amazing music and an amazing show! These bands never disappoint. Who can resist the music performed, especially with the added bonus of taking place among the gorgeous backdrop of America’s oldest landscaped garden (1741) Middleton Place?


Just when you think you can’t possibly take in another amazing experience, the festival made a point to bid adieu to another successful season of Spoleto. Hurrah!


I can’t even imagine how they will top it next year.

Pack it up and let’s all head home! Ha!

IMG_9782 (3).jpg

*Check out the cool Spotify playlist of Summer Essential music through Hearts and Plugs. It includes The High Divers, SUSTO, and many other successful Charleston bands that I think you will fall in love with…



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