Elim Bolt-Dingy


A yummy lunch on the porch of a beautifully aged historical Charleston “single” house delivered this fun song. I know it seems odd,  but amazingly, good music sometimes magically appears. This dining experience puts a hefty stamp on and confirms my love of alternative music, the hopeful newbie band, and the exciting opportunity to meet fun and interesting people.

Almost immediately, I found myself relishing in the happy, mouth joy of my shrimp sandwich with the bread drenched in butter and stuffed with heavenly loveliness. Our waitress was quite attentive so we found it unusual that this adorable fellow waiter kept checking on our comfort and food satisfaction. That’s when we got to talking, as I always do (much to my lunch buddy’s wonder), and before we knew it, we were invited to a free concert that evening and a CD release party on the next night.

Wow, I love the south, where there are no strangers.  The beauty happens when you find a common denominator and then you take it all in, like there is a close family tie. How wonderful is that?

So, after our many conversations with our attentive “band member waiter”, I worried that the band wouldn’t be recorded on paper or in my phone (which I left back at the house) and panicked as to how I might look them up and decide if their sound interested me or not. Well, that’s when, as we were leaving, he scribbled the pertinent information and I had the joy of listening at my own leisure, when I could focus completely on the sound.

Lo and behold, the band I learned about, Elim Bolt, is good, really good!  Honestly they should be listened to by a bigger audience outside of Charleston. I hope that I can send them out to my followers in hopes that there is a “like” here and there and maybe even draw out an encouragement for them to make more music.

Elim Bolt is an alternative rock band from Charleston, SC. I can only say that I hear a serious Ty Segall sound as I listen. The band has signed with an independent Charleston record label called Hearts and Plugs, who, interestingly enough, has several bands worth exploring. Elim Bolt has a fun garage rock sound that is truly catchy and defies the sometimes mind numbing radio pop. “Dingy” is just one of the songs on their newest EP release, and a favorite of mine. Check out their Facebook page to see the fun video that goes with it and maybe even give them a like. Young, talented and waiting tables……go on and support their sound so that he can write some more tunes, or if you get to Charleston, have a stellar lunch at Cru Cafe, look for Johnnie, and be sure to tip generously.

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