Hooray for Earth-Keys

photo from HFE facebook page

Mood Monday.

Bold, distorted, and futuristic, this song caught my attention right away. “Keys” is a new track release from Hooray for Earth, an indie-rock band out of New York City. I am drawn to the giant symbol smash that shows up between a steady beat, pounding synth, and blasts of screeching distorted guitar. Even though there is so much sound on this track, the vocals from Noel Heroux thread a softer chanting contrast that pleases me.

“Know that it’s me at the door,

before you answer”

Their new album Racy is due out in July and if it is anything like this song, I will be anticipating a doozy of sound that will definitely match my mood often. I am already set to pump my fist to the pulsing beat and hear it in person. Okay, this is seriously corny, but effective……HOORAY!





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