It was a spectacular, sunny Saturday here in Atlanta. The joyous Christmas season has officially arrived in full force, a winter chill is in the air, and my happy tone is no accident. It is of course the weekend, and I am temporarily off from my must do projects.


Saturdays and weekends are for listening to good tunes, dancing, and letting your hair down. Do you need a song that gets you moving? This is what I am listening to, and I dare you to not move with the beat. I believe it is impossible. I have tested it on those who claim dance music is ear wax……and yes, they definitely grooved! There is something incredible in the head bopping beat, the soulful sound, and the ‘wowing’ horn additions at 1:55, that separate it from just your plain ol’ dance tune.

So now, as the sun sets, put on your party glam, pour a cocktail of your choosing, crank it up, and dance with me. Tonight’s the night to cut loose and be fancy free, and I am joyously providing the dance tune.

The song, “You” has been around awhile, but because of its fun beat, it resurfaces over and over again. Plej is an electronic DJ band from Sweden. Arvid Niklasson and Erik Niklasson are brothers that clearly enjoy experimentation and are music to my ears. Their velvety chops and smooth musical transitions are enhanced by the soulful groove of this track. They haven’t had a new album since 2008, but perhaps one will surface in 2015.

One can only hope!


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