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Please excuse my brief absence from the music blog. I have been dealing with some major stuff; a totally unexpected basement flood and ongoing sorting/cleaning, a quick visit to Greenville then Charlotte, and a joyous mother’s day weekend with my chicks. I also squeezed in a wonderful six week course on Enneagram/Spirituality which proved to be eye, mind, and heart opening. Just when things began to settle, WordPress threw me a curve with their new blocking format. I am trying to figure it out without having to Google every question. Wish me luck! So, life blasted in and I had little or no control over my own space and time.

Despite all of the crazy convergences, my finger remains on the pulse of great music and what happens to be the newest and latest. As of late, I simply haven’t had the emotional strength to express my deepest thoughts in light of lots of busy living. I continue to save music, and listen to many of the submissions sent my way. I am very appreciative of your never ending support. Thank you so much for your patience!

Swimming Tapes

There are many songs on my radar right now, but the band Swimming Tapes has me listening on repeat and feeling the need to shout out their talent. They are a five piece band currently in London, but with roots in Ireland…Robbie Reid, Jason Hawthorne, Louis Price, Paddy Conn, and Andrew Evans. The band rides a gentle rolling wave of thoughtful indie dream pop and I am on board. Swimming Tapes has a debut album, Morningside, out on May 24th via Hand in Hive.

Their latest release, “Keep Her Closer” is nostalgic, and conjures up sunny skies, the ease of summer, and matters of the heart worth exploring. The song is full of sparkly interweaving guitars and smooth soothing vocals. There is so much to love in this sweet, happy tune. Be sure to listen especially if you love, Real Estate or Day Wave.

Swimming Tapes-Keep Her Closer

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