Leverage Models- Cooperative Extensions

31 Days of Music

Day 4

Push back the furniture and make some room for a dance floor! It is Friday, and I am a happy camper that those beautifully carefree, two and a half days, have finally arrived. Won’t you dance with me?


This song is a fun one, buried in my new submissions this week. Leverage Models is a band from Missouri, I think. There isn’t a lot of information out there about them, and what is out there is kind of weird. Check out their Facebook page description (say what?). They are so very new, that it is the ultimate in cool.  The music comes from Shannon Fields (vocals), Jeff Gretz (drums, percussion), Anthony LaMarca (Simmons drums, additional percussion), Christian Fields (bass), D James Goodwin (additional percussion), and Jesse Blum (piano). Sharon Van Etten’s lovely voice is featured in another track, “Sweep“.

Somehow, the song, “Cooperative Extensions” reminds me of those flash dancing 80’s. Do you hear a bit of  Duran Duran, Talking Heads, David Bowie, and Thomas Dolby all wrapped into one? They seem to be a hint of what might be a tad familiar, but, really off the chain, unique. They are the 80’s progressing to the twenty tens.  In my opinion, the song, “Cooperative Extensions” is one fun, indie, electro/pop sound. Be one of the first to decide if it is a jumping, joyous dance track or well….. awwww, c’mon, listen again. Listen to their entire album that was released only three days ago via Hometapes on Spotify.

“Cooperative Extensions” is the perfect jam for a Friday night! Yes, the weekend is officially here, get on with your bad self and get out there! Dance with abandon!

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