Quinn & Hannah Elizabeth-Chase the Wind

31 Days of Music

Day 5

This song is fresh from the new submissions.  A tenderhearted  love song that is perfect for a restful Saturday morning. I have my cup of warm coffee and the weekend is in calming mode. Well, except for the tiny fact that I will be traveling in just a few hours to see a huge SEC football game, and returning in a predicted hurricane/tropical storm. I think there will be crowds and traffic and chaos in both directions. So, for now, I can mellow in this tune of beautiful voices, that are definitely showcased with minimal instrumentation. A simple guitar with a simple pleading message, “baby, baby, slow down”. A crazy combination of soft slow vocals but then surprisingly at minute 3:12, Quinn starts rapping his innermost thoughts.

Close your eyes and listen to this contemporary love song from Quinn and Hannah Elizabeth. Somehow I want them to be the lovers they sing about, and I am rooting for them. I want to hear more from them. Enjoy!

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