Mood Monday-Leif Vollebekk-Elegy

My mood today isn’t melancholy, I simply heard this song and had to share it.

Welcome your ears to this lovely new song which is hypnotic, vocally compelling, and poetically expressive. The words unfold a heart wrenching story of clinging to lost love. Somehow, as I listen again for the thousandth time, the lyrics, combined with piano and a simple drumbeat, reveal some painfully intense feelings. It reminds me of the depth of love and the amazing power it has to inspire an artistically beautiful song.

Leif Vollebekk-Elegy

“Minor chords the major I can’t open
Little leather jacket and a black bandana
Kickin’ over trash cans and telling jokes in Atlanta.
When I got the fever you hit me like a fan on the back with my hand I don’t know who I am
but I’m free for nothing good for nothing too.
Crazy dreams still crazy bout you.
Won’t you let me in one more time babe I want to feel it too.
Well nothing isn’t love babe if you know it ain’t true.

Take a look at me now 

Heart’s on fire ‘n’ so is the page

Everybody round here’s telling me to act my age – I’m trying .
Things are only revealed in the life that is given oh
To be free from the body when all else is forgiven.
Rain outside’s blowing in the curtains
Nothing is revealed but nothing is for certain.
As I recall you was drinking from the sanctuary wine.

Well don’t worry baby, we’ll find all of our lost time.

Take a look at me now 

As I recall you were standing there.
You was holding your rosary beads
Everyone around you seems to think he knows what he needs.
Seven ugly reasons kept me away from you then.
Nothing is much weaker than the resolve of most men.
I remember when we was alone in your room.
Staring out your window we knew you’d be going soon.
And I was so young babe I hoped that you knew that I meant well.
And when I looked in your eyes I thought I knew you could tell.
Now I’m going back from the cemetery gates.
You who I loved dearly now I must wait.
To be reunited in the sky when it opens.
Well, my feet are so tired baby but my spirit ain’t broken.

Take a look at me now”

“Elegy” is one of the first tracks from singer songwriter Leif Vollebekk’s newest album Twin Solitude which comes out on February 24, 2017. Secret City Records writes Vollebekk’s artist bio…
“An adoptive Montrealer, Leif Vollebekk has toured extensively across America and Europe, opening for the likes of Daniel Lanois, Gregory Alan Isakov and Patrick Watson. He has released two records, Inland (2010) and North Americana (2013) and got praises from NPR, Rolling Stone, Paste and The Line of Best Fit to only name a few. His songwriting has garnered comparisons to Bob Dylan and his voice to Jeff Buckley. A new record is expected for 2017.”
I don’t know about you, but I am really pulling for this guy. Perhaps this lost love provides space for something bigger and better in his life. Just maybe it opens up a place in him where light enters the darkness, and he grows exponentially with a winning song and a winning album only a few weeks away.

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