31 Days of Music

Day 22

Squeezing in a post for today before the midnight chime happens (yep, disciplined that way, a song EVERYDAY for 31 days). Listening, listening, listening……I’ve starred a few, but somehow, I wasn’t feeling them. Horrors, I am only minutes away.

Then, the song, Reap/Sow, from Calhoun started streaming through my headphones to my eager ears.  I liked the start and the beat immediately, but I always wait to hear the vocals. Vocals can make it or break it for me. I was pleasantly surprised. This song is catchy with it’s straightforward lyrics and it causes a bit of a toe-tapping. Do I dare say poppy?


Calhoun is a band from Ft. Worth, Texas. Well you can read all about them on their Facebook page, and I think you should. They have a new album, Paperweights. Listen to one of the tracks, Reap/Sow, that won me over. Enjoy!

Whew 11:59…I made it!

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