Satellite Stories-Lights Go Low

31 Days of Music

Day 23

Here is a fantastic new vibe for today.



Satellite Stories, out of Oulu, Finland, has a new EP, Pine Trails, on the horizon. Just to tease and entice us, they are releasing new songs exclusively on Spotify, as the album release gets closer.

“Lights Go Low” is a song that I am featuring off of this new album. I love the way they interject blasts of musical sound with a steady drum beat and guitar. It is beautifully paired with harmonic vocals and a narrating story. I think this style is their M.O. The combination is intoxicating and intriguing. They are so talented and this album should be a great follow up to their first album, Campfire. The title track, with the same name, was a great hit for me as well. I am including it, just in case you missed it, or you don’t have a Spotify account. Check out Satellite Stories and be sure to catch their new album, (Nov.1).



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