I just spent two days and many frantic clicks deciding on Arcade Fire tickets. They are coming to Atlanta and I have to see them. Well…. hear them, because our seats are sort of back in a large arena and the close up seats were way too expensive for us. So frustrating! I love that great bands get the notoriety and kudos for a job well done, but then they soar to a whole new level and seem totally inaccessible. There you have it. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do.

I love the starters, the newbies, the small venue players and creators of all things indie/alternative music. They are special and work their hearts out to get that big break, that second look, and that happy fan. My heart sings when a musician and their band has an audience that “gets” them and their music. I literally have 100’s of submissions sent to me everyday. I feel very fortunate that I hear some of these amazing bands first. As picky as I am, somewhere in the mix of all of that music there is remarkably one band/song that gleams its sparkly, special sound and makes me listen again and again. I honestly wish my blog had more fans just so I could shout their music out to the world and make listeners pay attention. Always a work in progress……


This is where I have to introduce a new artist and a new song that is worthy of shouting, shaking, and jumping up and down. Direwolf is Matt Dewar of Australia and his song that was recently released is “Goodbye”. He calls it a very personal song that he really didn’t want to release at first, but it came out sounding so good.  The many people that worked with him on the song nudged him to change his mind and release “Goodbye”. Glory be! They were right and the song is beautiful and deeply meaningful. His voice adds so much to the depth and meaning of the lyrics as does the lovely strum of his guitar. I think this song touches my heart in a way that reminds me of those wounding moments of love lost forever. So very melancholy, but I understand those “goodbyes” to be important pieces of a puzzle that completes who I have become. There are goodbyes in life that ultimately unlock other doors and hand us important new events and people.  Yes, I believe that, and know it to be true. I predict this song will open doors for Matt and catapult his musical career to a new level. He put his heart out there artistically and in my opinion deserves appreciation. In a recent interview, he was trying to appeal to the audience that he would play at house parties……Oh my gosh! I wish Australia was closer to Atlanta, Ga. Sadly, I guess I will just have to be happy with liking his Facebook Page to get new updates and music as it is released. I long to hear more. One day soon, I hope to buy tickets to a Direwolf concert right here in Atlanta, Ga. Or, better yet, Direwolf, you are welcome to come play your beautiful music at my house anytime.

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