The Silver Comet-Techno

I accidentally stumbled upon an emerging talent with a way cool, head popping, rock and roll sound that is from Atlanta. The song, Techno, has an electric guitar riff in-between harmonizing vocals, that makes me swoon. There is also a subtle hint of an 80’s throw back band that pleases me.  Can you guess who I am thinking of?


I went to The Silver Comet website and “met the band members”. They seem to be an unlikely group of talented musicians that met up in school and hung out jamming together. They are Perry Kitt lead vocals, Ben McBride lead guitar, Dustin Williams on bass, and Phillip Shuford on drums. They describe their music as rock and soul. I like their energy and power sound. I will watch their tour schedule and see what I can do to see them live. Listen now to the tune that “tuned” me in.

“You either show up, or you fade away”

Check them out on Facebook and follow them if you like their sound like I do.

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