#4 of the Top 20 Album Countdown for 2018- Immersed In Cool Music

4. Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy


Twin Fantasy is a re-recording of Will Toledo’s 2011 Bandcamp release of the same name, but this time, it is blessed with a bit of production and a full band.  The album is more of a project realization of Toledo’s earliest songwriting before fame and the ability to make it what he always wanted came into play. With a full band, the re-boot maintains his youthful energy with sharp, punchy wit, but also adds more brilliance. The album was first conceived as a concept album and not just a collection of songs. The lyrics are largely connected to a relationship he had at William and Mary. The beauty, a 12 minute song of three important parts, “Beach life In Death”,  is a song which radically changes tempo from song to screaming injustice and frustration. Upon a bit of research, I found that Toledo based the idea of it all on Pink Floyd, Of Montreal, Destroyer, and They Might Be Giants, along with various romantic poets. It expresses so succinctly the difficulty of a new relationship and its odd worry, frustration, and demise. The compilation of music and the outspoken radical thoughts on a relationship with another, creates a subtle mind streaming masterpiece in my opinion. Honestly, Toledo won me over in 2016 as my favorite album for the year, so he could’ve walked away and I would still revere his talent. The latest release of his earlier recordings, Twin Fantasy, once again proves he is a master of indie rock. His experience is expressed in each song as one of honesty, authenticity, and deep intimate humanity. I am in awe. Toledo’s curious lyrics are rambling, witty, searing, and flawless at describing the life and heart of a teenager, but also anyone who experiences passionate love and its profound residual effects.

“get more groceries, get eaten…get more groceries, get eaten…get more groceries, get eaten, by the one you love, when they put their lips around you, you can feel their smile from the inside.”

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