First Breath After Coma-Shoes For Man With No Feet

Mood Monday.

A friend of mine, who shares some really good music with me, asked me if I ever listened to Explosions in the Sky. I have heard them before and I do appreciate their instrumental beauty. Although, depending on my mood, it really isn’t my sort of thing  because it is a soft rush of full-on instrumentals. Okay, I honestly admit that I tend to be in love with the combination of instruments, beautiful lyrics and soothing harmonious vocals.

That is why I find it so ironic how the universe can bring a startling idea on a silver platter. Thanks, David! So when I saw a fairly recent music blog post on the band I am featuring, my head said to pay attention. Their band name is a renowned song title of the band, Explosions in the Sky. Life can bring two things together at a time when you least expect it, but somehow the recent connection helped me to have a more fervent interest than I normally might.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 10.37.18 PM

The Portuguese band named First Breath After Coma, has made two very distant worlds collide. They are Roberto Caetano, Telmo Soares, Rui Gaspar, and Pedro Marques. From so very far away, they have stretched a connected audio thread of guitar strums, steady percussion, and soothing vocals to my ears and my heart. This new band to the Indie world has made quite an impression on me. As young and as talented as they are, you must listen.  Quite honestly, they are one of the reasons that I have this blog. They are out of my world, yet a dreamy unknown talent.  I urge you to listen and I wish for First Breath After Coma to stay on course and keep making their music. Amazingly, right now, you can stream their album (below), but be sure to support them by liking their Facebook Page despite the quite fascinating language barrier.

I decided to listen to Explosions in the Sky again and yes, it is truly magnificent. Because I am in a sweet music mood, here is the song that birthed a young, Portuguese band. Happy Monday.

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  2. i love this song and this band.
    and maybe, i love u too.
    i’m italian, sorry for my english😉
    sto scherzando, la canzone è bellissima davvero…!!

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