Psyched for Shaky Knees Music Festival-Bands to Know (with a handy playlist)

 Shaky Knees Music Festival - Atlanta, GA

The Shaky Knees Music Festival is three days of music, right here, in…my…backyard! Of course, there are incredible headliners booked each night that are to die for, but I tend to find surprises in the other hardworking bands putting the jam out there in the earlier hours. Yeah, the ones you randomly hear while you are searching for a hot dog and a cold beer.

I have put together a short playlist of a few (15 songs-1 hour, 1 minute) of the newer/older bands on tap, that I will  pay attention to from here on out. I did all the listening work for you (it was a beautiful day on my porch), and I comprised a sweet sample of some of my favorites. Give them all a listen and maybe you will discover/rediscover a band that makes you smile. Happy festival season!

By the way, this year, I am praying for clearer skies. Pretty please with sugar on top?

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