Fink-Looking Too Closely



Better late than never…..Mood Monday is, for this week, just a sweet tune for Tuesday.

Fink is the name for Finn Greenall, an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, DJ, and producer. Rounding out the sound is Guy Whittaker on bass and Tim Thornton on drums. Finn is so very talented and this new song, “Looking Too Closely”, is just a really cool listen as I struggle to sleep this evening. I have had way too much crammed into the past few weeks and it is really nice to have a peaceful, midnight moment with a sweet tune and my loyal dog by my side. There is something so serene about an evening’s quiet and easing up the fast pace of preparing for important gatherings and the enormous pressure of expectations.

I tend to look too closely at life and situations…so this is a gentle reminder. Thank you.

The new album, Hard Believer, is out in July.


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