Mood Monday-What was I thinking?

Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew?

Maybe, if you are lucky, there will be someone nearby to perform the successful Heimlich maneuver.

In my opinion, choking would actually be an easy outcome compared to completely losing face and flopping big time! I know that I can’t be the only person out there who tries new things and challenges myself to really impossible tasks.  Although sometimes I just want to ask myself, “why can’t you just hide in the back row and shuffle happily through life and not stick your neck out so much?” If I keep biting off more than I can chew, then it is inevitable that one day, I am going to slip on the big banana, for sure, and





or well, fail miserably.

Then again, maybe it is just all in the expectations? Maybe if I just plugged away a little at a time, then I can surely perform small tasks successfully and build on them. Plan it out, have safety nets, and move slow.

Even though this song is more about a relationship and not work expectations, my mood today is focused on a big job that I am not all that qualified for. However, the job is mine, I have some huge shoes to fill, and I need to be successful because there will be a lot on the line. That is my mood today and this song speaks to me.


I don’t know much about Brika, except that her voice is so clear and has such a beautiful tone, there is no need to fill in with complicated instrumentals. This song, “Expectations”, has a minimalist feel, and her voice lends true depth and confidence for someone who has only just begun her singing-songwriting career. Out of Miami and recently signed with Art House Records, I think you will be hearing more from this talented indie pop artist. Check out her Facebook page. Enjoy.

Now, all I have left to do is cross my fingers, look for four leaf clovers, and knock on wood……..Right?



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