Mood Monday-Arkells-Come To Light

Mood Monday

Serenity. Being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

We all seek it out, right?

Moments of that feeling of serenity come into our lives and we tend to not recognize them, until they have passed and we are in the fray again. The second you nod off after settling in for the evening,  putting your head under the surface of the water, or a quiet hike in the woods, all symbolize for me some stellar moments of peacefulness and tranquility.

What brings you serenity?


The track “Come To Light”, by the Canadian band Arkells, is all about that safe haven moment. The song was written about traveling in a van during a pounding, intense rain storm. You know, the kind of storm where you can’t see but a few feet in front of you, the windshield wipers are on top speed mode, your knuckles are white from gripping the steering wheel too tightly, and your voice volume has to go up several notches to be heard above the hammering of the rain. The serenity they found during this trip was when they would drive under an overpass, and the rain would cease for a few brief seconds.

Fleeting solace.

According to Max Kerman band frontman, “The song, “Come To Light”, is about finding that moment of serenity and holding onto it.”

I seek that moment for today. With lists of to-dos that keep piling up and procrastination deeply imbedded in my psyche from a long holiday weekend, I find myself listening to music, and happily finding a song that suits my mood. This song has an up tempo that is definitely catchy and appealing.

Arkells are Nick Dika (bass), Mike DeAngelis (vocals, guitar), Tim Oxford (drums, percussion), Max Kerman (vocals, guitar), and Anthony Carone  (vocals, keyboard, guitar) from Hamilton, Ontario. They are an alternative/indie rock band named after the street where they lived and practiced playing together. They are releasing their third album, High Noon,  on August 5th. Winning impressive awards in Canada for their music, touring ethic, and adrenaline infused live shows, they seem to be firmly planted in the music world. I eagerly anticipate what comes next.

Keep your eyes and ears on them, for sure.






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