Beverly-Honey Do


Girls and guitars. Sound, power, and mysterious intrigue, all rolled in to one. My dream world, for sure.

I remember begging for a guitar for Christmas when I was about 10. Yes, I was a good girl, and yes, sweet Santa brought it to me.

The next part was up to me…..I had to learn how to play. Well, let’s just say, that with an older sister who was playing anything and everything on her guitar by ear, and an older brother who taught himself every Beatle tune within a year (later, a more complicated Spanish guitar), the empty space between my chord changes was deafening to me, and I tired of never measuring up. I struggled with the guitar. Unfortunately, I gave up.

I rarely give up on anything. I still regret it. I wish I could play and yet, maybe this past experience helps me to appreciate anyone who has the stick-to-it-iveness that it takes to play, really play, the guitar. Then, when I come across girls who write songs and play guitar, I find myself in some serious awe. Case in point, the newest band of Frankie Rose, Beverly.


Beverly is made up of songwriting guitar and drum girls, Drew Citron and Frankie Rose. I am loving their sound. The album, Careers, came out earlier this month and I am listening to it over and over. No, you might not hear wildly complicated instrumentation, but you will instantly find a liking to the combination of guitar blasts and strums, steady beats, and the surreal pitch perfect feminine vocals. Okay, I admit it, I have a serious penchant for noise pop with girls playing guitar and drums.

The tune, “Honey Do” is the catchy first release from the album. Be sure to listen to the nice guitar at 2:15 that reminds me of all things summer. Enjoy.

Free light
Your lines

Tell me your oldest
Memory yes
I will keep it
Oh honey do

Free light
Your eyes

Tell me your oldest
Memory yes
I will keep it
Oh honey do”




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