Spanish Gold-One Track Mind

Mood Monday.

Sometimes, I love a throwback solid rock sound. Last Friday night, it came to me, up close and personal. The concert, at The Earl, was filled with Friday night jam tunes and mega-talent. The band, Spanish Gold, made  a perfect night out on the town to see Water Liars (see earlier post here), even better. I am still reeling from the happy joy of my experience.


Spanish Gold has so many great songs on their debut album, South of Nowhere, that I really had a hard time picking my Monday tune. I chose “One Track Mind”, because of the simple tie-in that this is a week of incredible live music and yep, I’m going, I’m going.

“If I hear the beat in somewhere, I’m going, I’m going

If there’s a chance you’ll be there, I’ll take it every time

Open your door and you’ll see, I’m going, I’m going

The shadow is where you’ll find me

Baby, I’m a one track mind”

Spanish Gold is Patrick Hallahan (drums) of My Morning Jacket, Dante Schwebel (guitar, vocals) of Hacienda / City and Colour, and Adrian Quesada  (guitar) of Brownout. They have combined their talents to create a dream team of talented creative musicians. I just had to share their performance on David Letterman. I actually hear a beat of an old tune. Anyone remember Rockwell’s 1984, “Somebody’s Watching Me”? Trust me, this is way better. There is a nice guitar at 2:53 that is worth the wait. Packed with rock, rhythm, and soul, Spanish Gold is a must listen.

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