Dawn Golden-All I Want


Stop and listen….one of the sexiest songs ever. Go ahead and share with someone you love. Dang!

“Your eyes, they did flutter again
And my mouth it did hang wide
When you told me ‘every little thing is going to be alright’

But we were younger then,
And now we’re not
And if there was a plan made
Then we forgot about it
And if there was time
Well, I could figure it out now

But life is short
And I don’t care for most of it.

Because you’re all that I want.

Well I know I’m hard to take
And my bones are calling out your name.
While I beat your cold windows
Break the locks on the gate
While I try to forget
I used to be something great.

Because you’re all that I want.”


Please be sure to check out Dawn Golden. Originally from Chicago, he has now landed in Los Angeles. Dexter Tortoriello, formally from the band Houses, has now created this wonderful dreamy side project of Dawn Golden. Don’t miss this beautiful album, Still Life, just released this past May.

I could break down the sound and “hoorah” the music build up on this track, “All I Want”, that occurs at @ 2:13, but why? Just listen and I bet your heart will pound to the beat and drown in the want.

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