Spoon-Inside Out

Have you ever been soaking in the sunshine one minute, then hunkering down for shelter the next? Well, that is how my Friday has been.

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The intense storm that came through without any warning, actually brought a fire engine down my street. Yes, I considered the possibility that my roof might be on fire. That is how close the bolts of lightning hit. I could feel them deep down in my bones. Fortunately, it was only a house alarm that went hog wild in response to the electrical surge.

On days like this, I have to abandon my well made plans and just stay close to home. Atlanta, as much as I love this city, disappoints me when it rains. Everyone here abandons all logic and reason, drives erratically, and it takes a million years to travel a mile or so. That is too much excitement that I really don’t need today.

Turning on a dime, a radical change of events, or not knowing what will come next, don’t sit well with me. When things don’t work out like I have planned, I have a hard time catching up and adjusting, whether it is a to-do list or tougher concerns. Today, I will choose to think happy thoughts and know that all will be okay in the end. The weather will ultimately change, weird events will be sorted out, my hair will see better days when there is less humidity, and mopping up the serious water on the porch actually helps to tidy up a bit.

I get it. Good things can’t always stay good. Hard stuff won’t last forever. Joy from special moments will eventually subside, but gosh darn, why?

Today, I want to replace any clouds with blue skies and maybe that longing will fix my mood. So, this is where I reach into my latest listens and find something special that intrigues me. Now, I can patiently wait for a change of weather to alter my mood for the better.

Time to turn things “Inside Out”.

Spoon has been a favorite of mine for a long time. When I listen to all of their tunes from the past, I find my fondness for their sound grow stronger and stronger. They are really incredible and I can be transformed to another place in time while listening. The new album, They Want My Soul, is especially amazing. Just recently released, this eighth album is definitely worth a listen, as are all of the others. Check them out.

If you want to learn more, I highly suggest this great read from NYTimes Magazine recently written about the making of their latest album.

Spoon, the Molecular Gastronomists Of Rock

Wow! Believe it or not the sun is now shining. Thank you, Spoon.


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