Sadly, summer is coming to an end…….

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As much as I hate the idea of another season passing me by, I also recognize that all things eventually come to an end. When there are endings, it opens the possibility of amazing moments to quietly reveal themselves.

Sometimes, I wish I could manipulate and stop time.

I try to hold onto awesome moments, love, relationships, family, friendships, and even my own dreams and aspirations. Maybe I grip them too tightly. But, time has a way of always moving on. People, instances, and activities come in and out of our lives. Dreams are born and may either click or fizzle. The only way that I know to cope with all of this adjustment is to be patient, tread through the inevitable transition, and hopefully reach that place where a new peace and joy can begin again.

Listening to music is my happy constant, that I know will always be there. Somehow, it softens whatever blows come my way and helps to pave a clearer path for those sweet celebrated, special times to enter into my life. When I want to hold on to time, I can listen to music that is buried deep in my playlists (oldies, but goodies that trigger memories). When I am ready to move forward and face change head on, I find the accompanying new music that suits my mood.

For today, I am listening to Literature.


This band plays sweet guitar jangle with a chill vibe. They began their start in Austin and then relocated to Philadelphia. Literature is Kevin Attics-guitar/vocals, Nathaniel Cardaci-vocals/guitar, Seth Whaland-bass, and Chris Schackerman-drums. They have a new album, Chorus, that just came out about a week ago, and it is what I need for this Friday. Their song, “Kites”, happily leads me into a long, holiday weekend of impending transition and metamorphosis.

“Don’t forget me tonight

I’ll wait here for another five”

What are you doing to kick back and enjoy your extended time off from the weekday grind?

There is something so joyous in beaching it, swimming, traveling, and playing in the sunshine. Summer is all about the shorts, sandals, outdoor dining, and biking. Time outside provides the energy boost that my body craves. I will be doing one or more of those.

I honestly dread the subtle disappearing of the sun and the shorter days that come with fall. Even though It makes me a little melancholy, I must look forward to fall and find splendor in the changing leaves, football games, cooler days, and stomping boots. Perhaps there is something around the corner that will be an occasion worthy of whooping and hollering about.

I will wonder and dream about it.

Yes, this dream worthy song and video make it all okay. So, say farewell to summer with me, and a…..

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