The Tallest Tree-I’ll Be Your


“I’ll Be Your” is a new little ditty expressing a pretty straightforward, loving tenderness and it just happens to be written by two people very much in love. The band, The Tallest Tree is a delightful story of a girl in a band from Ontario and a guy from a band in Mexico meeting, playing music, and eventually marrying and writing songs together. They are Dawn Larsh and Armando Vega.

This song is adorable and has a catchy beat that should remind us all to love unconditionally, always be present, and on occasion even morph into whatever fills an important need.

“I’ll be your eyes,
when you’ve forgotten where to look.
I’ll be your mirror
if your confidence is shook.

I’ll be your shelter
when you got nowhere to hide.
I’ll keep your secrets
when everyone lies.
Cos if you got a light,
I’ll light it.
If you gotta fight,
I’ll fight it.

For you”

The drum beat, the lyrics, and the simple, sing-songy style drew me in, but then I heard the happy kazoo near the end……and the oohs. Crush for sure.

Dreamy love for this band, this new song, and all those beating hearts listening.

Beat on.

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