The Howler Weary-Don’t Hide Away and When I’m Lovin’ You

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It is  a sparkly Saturday morning, full of promise and brisk with the reminder that fall is here. I love this time of year. This morning, the coffee is especially warm and good and my puppy is happy to play at my feet, while I finish up this post. You see I write at night, sometimes in the middle of the night, and I love this kind of morning to punctuate my post with a clear head and new eyes. I latch on to songs easily, and the multiple listenings, over many days, helps me to determine if my gut feelings are true. In this case, and in the other songs I have I posted, I again find myself to be sure.  Good for your soul songs that are rich in tone, with instrumental punches, become winners when they also softly remind us about life and love.


I enjoy a band that is diverse and capable of many sounds. I don’t like listening to a full album that sounds all the same. I worry that the band  may just have a formula and they are not really a creative group trying to find their way through the experimentation. The Howler Weary is a band that possesses this unique multiplicity and they play each chosen genre well. If you love a guitar, bluesy rock sound with a bit of an old school influence, or a sound that mimics the late 60’s woozy love songs, as well as other surprises found on the album, then this unsigned band might be for you.

I am featuring two songs, by the same band, because they are so very different. There are guitar driven similarities, but the first, “Don’t Hide Away”, has a brooding Jim Morrison/Doors vibe (don’t miss the guitar blast starting at 2:45, then it lays down simmering at 3:20).  “When I’m Lovin’ You” is a more happy-go-lucky, 60’s dreamy love song with a sweet sax solo completely setting it apart from the first. Both are found on their debut album, Travel On.

The Howler Weary is a band based out of Livingston, New Jersey. They are Jake Levine, Henry Yavorski and Trevor Fedele. They are a band with a wide girth of talent and certainly worthy of some serious attention. Judge for yourself.

“…Never let go of the soul that you’ve got

find a woman, to love, and love her well”

“There ain’t a thing to be said to bring me down

There ain’t a thing to be done to put me out

It’s true

When I’m lovin’ you…”

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