Lately, I have been juggling lots of balls in the air. The constant toss and catch was actually happening pretty successfully. But then, what goes up must come down….right? Perfectly timed, just when I am feeling like finally things are actually going my way for once, a sudden and horrific drop occurs……I make a terrible error.

Yes, I promised a special lengthy visit, and that is when the calendar played a crazy trick on me. Do you ever experience a serious wrinkle in your brain when you come to the end of a month and just don’t really pay attention to the days of the new month? Maybe I can blame my blatant oversight with the world spinning faster than I can keep up.

Would you forgive me, if I said I was visiting for a nice stretch and suddenly changed it to only a day or two? What makes it especially hard is that it is a long overdue visit, planned months and months ago. Honestly, I am having a hard time forgiving myself. I am frustrated by my pin headed behavior that revealed itself and sad that my planned visit is drastically cut short due to unavoidable circumstances, overbooking, and idiocy.

Why didn’t I plan better? Is there a subliminal message in my weirdness that I should be paying attention to?

Dancing one day (see yesterday’s post), bummed the next. I am happy that I can break away for a short time, but my visits with loved ones never seem to be often enough or long enough.

One of my new followers (with the blog Indie Finnishes First ), had a post of the song “Skin” by the band, Boy, and I couldn’t help but follow their blog right back. I fell in love with the song, and it fits perfectly with how I am feeling today. But, instead of sharing the lovely acoustic version on that blog, I decided to post the official album version that is more upbeat and might help lighten my mood. Maybe listening will keep me from being so bummed out about my booboos and gaffs.

“You can feel like a part of something if you’re part of the scene
You can make your life look pretty add a little ice and gin,
Wash off the make-up and prepare the aspirin
Well you can get out of this party dress but you can’t get out of this skin.

Boy is Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass from Hamburg and Zurich. This tune is from their 2011 album, Mutual Friends. Their Facebook page hints that they have new music on the way, so if you like their sound, you may want to follow them on Facebook.


It is still the weekend, and I will continue to dance anyway and try to be more cautious about my calendar and my mixed up priorities.  Hug your loved ones and go visit them whenever you can, who knows what tomorrow brings. I can’t change my skin, but I can promise to do better next time and make the most of the time I have.


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