Pacific Mean Time-Minutes to Midnight


Portland is on my bucket list of travel destinations. So many bands are there, in that fine city, worth exploring. Here is a band that came to my attention in an e-mail that I opened quite randomly because I was curious about the band name.

Pacific Mean Time.

What is Pacific Mean Time? Apparently, from the ashes of the band, Little Beirut, grew the new band, Pacific Mean Time. This is a new project with lovely creative juices streaming from a job loss and lots of time to re-invent and explore. They are Edwin Paroissien, Hamilton Sims, and John Hulcher. They describe themselves as an indie/pop sound. All I know is that this is a band that I want to listen to, over and over.

Their official album release was May 27 , so this is very, very new y’all. I have been listening to some of their tracks all week and they each stand alone and are alluringly different. This is an album that won’t tire you. If you know me by now, I always dive into the lyrics and the song I want to share is no exception. The song is “Minutes to Midnight”. It starts off with a quiet soft folksy pick, then oddly, a pumping dance beat is introduced. It slides back and forth from each and the vocals are so solid that you pay attention to every word. Just listen, you will see what I mean.

“Turn it up”


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