Taylor & The Wild Now-Bewildered



It is almost the weekend. I know that I say that a lot, but aren’t those words a powerful motivator?

This week has been a short one for me. Luckily, I needed the distraction of travel, even though it was busy and not exactly slow and relaxing. I found special moments that were quiet and included instances of looking up through the tall trees of autumn. There in that gaze, I found peace in the knowing that leaves change, drop, decay, and then over a hibernating period of time, they begin to push out again and form a nub to start the growth process all over again.


Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 10.44.15 AM


The hardest part is the waiting time for the new growth. Where am I in this process? I think I am in the winter of it. Waiting. Where are you?

I am wishing for and looking for those sweet nubs of new growth. They may not happen right away, but I am preparing myself so that I can be ready to seek it, to be a catalyst to create it, and to actually see it, when it comes my way. For now, I will hunker down with my music and wait for the cold, tight, darkness to pass.

“Are we bewildered?

Are we lost?”




Taylor & The Wild Now, bring a rootsy sound with standout vocals and interesting lyrics that bring me happy, ear joy. Then, pile on top of all of that, some sweet guitar licks. Okay, I adore the song, “Bewildered”. New on the scene and fresh from winning the Durango/American Songwriter contest, Taylor Baker has met up with Drew Walker and made some pretty outstanding music. They are Taylor and The Wild Now from Austin. Listen with me.




“…run to the depths of tomorrow

burn bright like there’s only today…”

Their debut EP is out now, and I find it to be beautiful and just what I need to sail through the weekend. Five songs comprised of a heavenly voice that takes flight and chock full of expressive lyrics. Some songs are toe-tapping and others have the sweet surprise of a trumpet and a violin, here and there.

Sure, I am waiting, waiting, but most definitely smiling while I wait.

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