Mood Monday-Greylag-Yours To Shake


Mood Monday.

It is my birthday today. The day began with torrential rain, dark clouds, even the occasional boom of thunder. An exclamation point kind of day that begs to be remembered and not forgotten. The covers went back over my head at 8am, and then 9am came and went. Unsure of actually joining the day, I then forced myself awake to greet the messy day, remembering that I am healthy, lucky in life, and alive. Birthdays are weird that way.

Yes, I wish for my mom on a day like today. I miss her smile and hugs of birthday joy. She left me too soon. Today is a day that tiny tears fill my eyes in remembrance of her. She will forever be young, as I continue to get older. I was a lucky baby, that shouldn’t have happened, but my determined mother kept her bed rest promise to me, and I came into the world on this day many years ago, halfway across the world. I believe that our bond was formed then and never severed, no matter what harshness tried to wedge a space between us. I still feel it, even though we are separated by the space between heaven and earth.

Today, I wanted to trace my musical roots, find a throwback song that brings me birthday joy. Somehow, I just couldn’t decide because my musical taste is so undefined, it morphs and changes and grows on and on. There just isn’t one tune that defines me. So, I worked through all of the new tunes that have come my way lately. That’s when I decided on this new tune with a rock and roll foundation. The song, “Yours To Shake” seemed to be pulling and tugging at me. From the quiet simple beginning of a guitar strum and honey vocals, to the rock blast instrumental build, I decided what I found to be notable and memorable. Special music marking a special day.

“It isn’t all bad

It isn’t all good

We’ll never get it all right, but we can make it work.”


A Greylag, is a wild goose that all domestic geese originate from and it carefully lags behind, observes the others, and then migrates last. An interesting name for a band. They are wild, survivors, and careful observers. I like that, and maybe their simple name connects with me because we are kindred spirits.




Greylag is Andrew Stonestreet, Daniel Dixon, and Brady Swan. The Portland based trio traveled from across America to connect and make their crazy good, roots rock music. Their song, “Yours To Shake” is a favorite of mine on their self-titled debut full length LP. The album is really remarkable and the band stands out to me. I hear influences from so many other bands I adore, but they are unique and I honestly can’t put another name on them. Although, I will whisper to you, a little Fleet Foxes and a somewhat bluegrass inspired rock. They can’t be pigeon-holed musically and I think there is the sound of something familiar, but very new and fresh. After you listen, you just can’t complain that they don’t make rock bands like they used to….yes, they are that good.

The rain has now stopped and the music is good, really good. I have waited cautiously, but now I must fly.

Happy Birthday to me!



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