The Phoncurves-Heartstrings

Brisbane, Australia has some amazing talent.

Here you go, a perfect tune for a happy weekend. Nothing like the joy of tugging at your heartstrings.

“….Yea, I got swept up by a current

so I surrendered myself to it

Ooo Ooo Ooh, Aaa Aaa Aaah,

Brightness , lightness

Its got me by the heart

pulling on my heartstrings

I don’t know many things,

but I know it when my heart sings,

know it when  my heart sings.”


Tangled and messy, but stretchy strings from the heart none the less, and they miraculously are making the heart sing. So beautiful, so complicated and wildly frustrating are those tangly heartstrings. The heart is complex and not always the same smooth road as first thought. Life gets in the way with a healthy heap of stress, worry, self-doubt, and of course ticking time. Why not forget it all, make the moment joyous and sing the chorus with me. Cause you know, here comes the weekend!


The Phoncurves are Abbie Roberts and Naomi Hodges. If you haven’t heard of them, it is never too late. They have lovely vocals and layered sounds of folk, indie-pop that is beautifully peppered with a deep soulful sound. Abbie and Naomi explained this tune in their own words,

“Heartstrings for us is about the head vs. heart conundrum. I wrote heartstrings because I felt like I needed a song to remind myself to get out of my own head and remember to just enjoy and surrender myself to the moment. Life can be messy and sometimes sweep you up and carry you off to the least expected places but you just have to take it as it comes, not take it too seriously and find your happy place.“

Yep, it is the weekend in just a few hours. I will take it as it comes, not take it too seriously, and be sure to find my soulful happy place! How ’bout you?


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