Music Playlist of April, May, and June Tunes



With a holiday weekend upon us, I don’t know about you, but for me this is the perfect time to tend to the garden of my soul.

When I discuss my mental state, music is at the heart and depth of my joy. So, I want to share my happy secret.

I am giving you a playlist including all of the music I have blogged for the past three months. It is extensive and perfect for those long drives when you tire of the radio, lolling on a beach or beside a pool, your backyard BBQ, and even on your morning run (shout out to all my buds running the Peachtree Road Race). I’ll be listening on my long bike ride from Georgia to Alabama. The music is over three hours long and on shuffle, in my opinion, it is the best playlist out there of some stellar indie music.

Just listen for yourself.


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