Desaparecidos– City On The Hill

Yep, it’s a holiday weekend. Hallelujah!!


The amazing thing, this weekend, is the idea of our founding fathers and the formulation of our unique freedom of speech and open minded thinking.

Today, I thought I would share a song that throws out a little angsty controversy. Because of course, that is truly American.



As I see it, dissension and controversy are at the heart of an amazing gift we have in our sweet country. We can object and disagree. Unfortunately, we have scandal, controversy, heartbreak, and horrific acts, but we move beyond and try hard to rise to the occasion by finding joy, love, and respect for one another.

I am seeking the joyful this weekend.

I don’t know about you but, I am in serious need of a chuckling, belly aching, happy time. I am turning off my TV and promise not to fall back into the news junkie person that I have been since the Charleston shooting tragedy.

Charleston is my hometown. Okay, I claim it whether it is accurate or not (one of the longest times I’ve lived anywhere). The pulse of that city beats in my heart and my veins. So what happens in Charleston affects me deeply. But, for this holiday weekend and the fourth of July, I will break free and maybe be a little less worried about the outside world and zero in on my own happiness, and thus create some happiness for others near me.

How about you?


Desaparecidos is Conor Oberst’s punk band and they have just released an album of slamming drums and screaming, sing along lyrics of malaise. It is fantastic! The song, “City On The Hill” is a nice case in point and just tips the iceberg of conversational fire storms. It may have been 13 years since their last album, but they can powerfully rip on the guitar, spew those original lyrics and pack it with a power punch of drums.

Fireworks are exploding in their sound and I love it!

Does having a crazy, good time sound like a wholehearted plan? I think so. Have fun, I will be having fun with you, and deeply joyful that I live in this diverse, wondrous place, America!


Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.02.27 PM




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