Punk Perfection-Jakob Danger, Overclocked, and Ought

Wednesday seems like the perfect day to share something different. Well, except it is now Thursday…..


The power of music continues to move me.

My inbox surprised me with a few wild coincidences this week. Punk, Punk Pop, and Post Punk are flooding my ears lately, and I am really enjoying the change of pace from my usual listening habits. Whatever you label it, what I’m listening to combines screamy vocals (relating mind-busting thoughts), pounding drums, twanging, jolting guitars, and a blasting release of sound that dictates a serious musical revolution.

What is not to love about it?

Okay sometimes a punk band pushes the edge so much that you can be turned off. But maybe for today, you can take a chance on a new sound. Open your ears to the possibility of different and exciting.

Listening to a flood of new entries this week, I wanted to share three tracks where I find nothing but talent and possibility. I simply can’t get enough, and I appreciate each one for it’s distinct punk personality. This is creative expression at its best. From a 16 year old California boy (son of a rocker), to a college band from Chicago with a just released full fledged album, and then on to a successful band with a cult-like following from Montreal…you will be lolling around in joyful punk perfection.

Experiment with your ears and give them each a listen.



Jakob Danger is actually Jakob Danger Armstrong the son of Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame. I guess you could say he grew up on the stage and in a musical family. A picture from way back when…


His older brother Joseph is an accomplished drummer with the band Swimmers. Although Jakob is only 16, the family can add another talented singer, songwriter to their list of wows. I love the Cali/surfer beat that he adds to this song.

What were you doing at 16? I thought so….He may not be “King of the World”, but most definitely one to watch.






Overclocked are Riley Allen on guitar, Mitch De Biase on bass, and Trevor “Tree” Shandling on drums. Gathering to jam and write music, the band developed from open mic gigs and shows around Chicago, to releasing their first full length album. You can stream it on bandcamp and of course send them a bit of encouragement. Only being together for a few years, they are creating tunes that just make you want to slam dance and jam! I am probably sharing their most poppy punk song, “Songerdoodle”, but it struck a cool chord with me. Oh, and it’s just a funny coincidence that Mitch has on a Green Day tee! (photo by RustingVoltage Photography )




Ought is a favorite of mine. I have shared their music before (favorite songs of 2014), and I expect I’ll share them again and again.



Yes, it is post punk and that might not be your thing, but I think you will hear the influences of some pretty incredible old school bands. I hear a very obvious Talking Heads influence as well as other 90’s emo bands which rose in fame due to singing their confessional lyrics.  Ben Stidworthy, Matt May, and Tim Keen begin the song with a simple but powerful beat then Tim Beeler Darcy sings, speaks, and shouts his politically and socially charged lyrics. His powerful play of voice commands the song, and begs you to pay attention. The music weaves on and on, adding an important exclamation in a calm, but almost jarring way.




From their Facebook page, they announced…

“we have a *new record* and it’s called Sun Coming Down and it comes out September 18th on Constellation Records!! we’re very excited to share this with everyone – it came from a burst of energy after an utterly wild and wonderful 2014. written, recorded, and actualized amidst joy and turbulence. “

I will be chomping at the bit to hear it all. How about you?

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