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Mood Monday.

created by Susan Windsor

Today, I went to my book study group. We regularly read thought provoking books together and discuss them chapter by chapter. It is led by a thoughtful role model, friend, and deeply spiritual woman who guides us and prompts our lengthy and healthy discussions.

Today we talked about love. It is a word we hear often, but rarely take the time to define or describe it. When we say we love someone, do they understand the word in the same way we think of it? I have never really taken the time to really define my thoughts and ideas around it, have you?

In this discussion, we all seemed to agree with the author,  Brené Brown,

“Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them- we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.”

More simply stated, I believe it is practicing love with actions, versus professing love with just words. But, what struck me as being the most profound idea was the suggestion, we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.


Those words hit home and hit hard. I have been under enormous amounts of stress lately, frustrated by circumstances out of my control, and not able to do the important things I normally do to relax and release stress. Unfortunately, my fears are magnified and my need for comfort and love is exponential. I am not very happy with myself right now. I am trying, but probably not doing a healthy job of taking care of me, and I have become frustrated by those closest to me. I have not loved me, how can I possibly love anyone else with any depth?

Nurturing and caring are what I need without a doubt. But, how would that ever happen if I don’t care for myself ? I am going to really devote some heartfelt thought on a plan. This lovely song, in its quiet meditative way, has given me a chance to ponder the possibilities of love and its meaning.

Here is the haunting, poetic, and yet oddly soothing lullaby of what represents my mood today and my heart.


NOLA-Be Still My Heart


“Stop my racing heart

still be steady now

we have come so far

there are many things worth beating for

stop my racing heart

still be steady now

thinking I am tired of going haywire

there are many things worth beating for

worth beating for”





NOLA is new on the scene from what I can tell. With only two videos on her website and only one album,  Abyss, released last year by NAIV records, she is someone to watch. A Swedish artist who is partly folk and partly indie-pop, NOLA has a captivating voice that quietly commands attention. The unusual and simple sounds in the background of her lyrically vivid songs, frame her voice and support her perfectly.

I really wish I knew more…..but what is not to love?
















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