Mood Monday- It feels like a girl band kind of day//immersed in cool music

Mood Monday



Did you see Beyoncé during the Superbowl half-time show? The buzz around her surprising debut of a new song,  performing it live, and flawlessly rocking her power, got me thinking about those amazing female artists which are dominating my playlist.

Women have been totally slaying the music scene right now. So many female or female fronted bands are seriously filling up my saved music. I sort of noticed this a while back, but as the new year unfolds into the second month, this crazy fact has been keeping my ears in constant delight.

Listen with me. Each tune is surprisingly different and stretches my listening skills, but also expands my thoughts. The songs are a powerful combinations of lyrics, instruments, sounds, and rich mixing.

It was hard to stop at just six, there are literally so many great bands! But, these are the songs which have been on repeat and reflect my many moods today.


Widowspeak-All Yours

Widowspeak is an indie rock duo, with Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas III.  Even though this song has been out for awhile, I continue to love its dreamy, hazy quality.

Mothers-Copper Mines

Mothers is a band from Athens, Georgia. They are Kristine Leschper – guitar, vocals, Matthew Anderegg – drums, Drew Kirby – guitar, and Patrick Morales – bass. Watch out because this band is going to surprise you. I am addicted to the off kilter style and poetic lyrics, which both twist and turn throughout the song making me want to listen again and again.


Haerts is an indie-pop band, they are Nini Fabi on vocals and Ben Gebert on keyboards and guitars. Originally from Germany, they moved to Brooklyn in 2010. This song reminds me of a young Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, but I hate comparing because this song is so addictive and so very fresh.

Julien Baker-Sprained Ankle

Young and new on the music scene, Julien Baker makes a giant ripple in the sea of introspective songwriting. This song touches my soul.


A London trio, They are Elena Tonra, Igor Haefell, and Remi Aguilella. Her voice is lovely and somewhat haunting. When paired with the depth of their guitars it catches my breath a bit.

Matilde Davoli-Tell Me What You See

Matilde is out of Italy and is an indie-pop songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. The combinations of sounds is intriguing and after hearing this song I had to listen to the entire album, I’m Calling You From My Dreams. I quickly fell in love with every song…way cool.


The songs have different styles and sounds.  I hope you appreciate the incredible feminine talent as much as I do. Would love to hear what songs of female bands are your favorites….

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