The Heligoats-Little Gain

Mood Monday


A new day…

a day that I want to cherish and make count.  It began late last night for me. After midnight, I took my dog out and spotted this incredible sky.  The heavens spoke to me profoundly because of the moving clouds and ever changing visible and hidden moon.

Today was the first official day of summer.  I have so many goals to accomplish and for the first time in a long time, I have the luxury to focus on those goals full throttle. Some doors close and others open.  Certain chapters in my life have changed, and I want to use that to my advantage.  I am feeling motivated and thoughtful about the days ahead.

I know that life is moving as fast as those clouds overhead.  When I reflect about the past couple of years and the milestones I watched gently pass, I get weary.

Then, I think ahead.

I have so much life unfolding.  Today was my dreaded bill paying day.  But on this first day of summer, I thought about all of the ways I should save and plan for future exciting experiences to happen.  It is invigorating and joyous to consider the many options streaming before me, like the fluffy clouds last night.


Summertime is a joyous time.  Time off, bright sunshine, and outdoor living all provide the perfect combination for creating events and building lovely memories with family and friends.  I am pumped at the mega possibilities and refuse to look back at all of the enormous changes that have occurred lately.  As unnatural or natural as they seem or even as unexpected or expected as they are, I am still reeling a bit, but will plan to rally this summer.

I am coming off of some of the most fun-filled weekends, full of life and also life changing milestones.  It is time for me to move on and not look back …except, once in awhile, to reminisce lovingly.

As this day ended, I looked for the strawberry moon which hasn’t occurred since 1967. This phenomenon subtly reminds me, each day brings a bit of exciting promise and the beauty of the past can be somewhat repeated, if you are patient and keep your focus forward.

Today provided a little insight, and no matter how small, it is welcome….as is the music.

The Heligoats-Little Gain


“I can’t find the time

It’s gotta be somewhere

I can’t be saved to save my life, just got started I’m already done here

and what I gain is unclear

and what I came for must’ve disappeared…

so I’ll give it a rest

I’ll give it my best 

I’ll put my nose to the stone and start getting things done in other departments 

start listening to what my heart says

and stop worrying about what others expect…

So you made your point 

below freezing

well I know what you mean

I know how your feeling

I know what you mean

I know how your feeling

I know what you mean

I know how your feeling

and I know how you feel 

and I know what your meaning”


The Heligoats are a host of members (collaborators), according to their Facebook page, but with further research, Chris Otepka seems to be the head songwriter and lead vocalist.

I bet you are asking, what the heck is a Heligoat? Well, according to Pure Honey Magazine

“A little over ten years ago, heligoats were characters in a comic book about a movie theater that employed animals (and yes it is a half goat/half helicopter). Heligoats then became a group of friends who came together to jam for one night in Chicago, but as singer/songwriter Chris Opteka (also ofTroubled Hubble who PH booked a few times years back at Dada) says, “It was supposed to just be one show, and it turned into hundreds. It turned into records.” 

Otepka is crucial because his lyrics are downright quirky, catchy, and compelling. He weaves stories and shares them with an intimacy, where you feel as if a good friend is just chatting it up and giving you the intriguing lowdown on what happened in their life.

The recently released album, Back To The Lake, is a perfect example. He sings about a camping trip and all of the outlandish and zany observances witnessed and experienced. It is a journey of folksy whimsical moments which lead to musical jams, and if you have ever had a camping adventure you will surely smile.

After listening to “Little Gain”, you must go back and focus on the music as well.  It shoulders the lyrics with impressive intensity. Fresh and unique, this tune sparks my happy, creative thoughts for today and the season ahead.

I hope you will listen again and perhaps even take on the album in its entirety, as it was meant to be experienced. What a perfect welcome to summer and all of the fun adventures we have to anticipate and experience.

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