Mood Monday-Blonder-Lean

I am in desperate need of a sweet summertime song.

My mood today has been marred and darkened because my car was broken into, late in the wee hours of the morning. We were lucky, nothing was stolen or seriously damaged. Another car on our street, a Tesla, was stolen. I am weirded out by the creepy violation and after posting the incident on my neighborhood watch site, I have learned we were not alone. Not alone by a long shot…..

It was so hard to get behind the wheel of my car knowing a stranger ripped open my glove compartment (breaking it), my center console, and rifled through all of my cd’s and ‘stuff’. Thank goodness I had nothing of any real value to them.

Today, my mood is dark, but I have room in my heart for a tune that can help change my mood for the better.


Blonder is relatively new on the scene. According to some older blogs,

“The band all have day jobs. Frontman Matt Nordness is a nurse; drummer and audio engineer Eric Risser is a mailman; keyboardist and singer Mina Faye is in medical school; bass player Vince Gaa is a teacher; and guitarist James Brickner is an engineer.”


From what I can discern they are in NY, and perhaps these day jobs are on hold for a more permanent music career. They have an EP demo on their bandcamp page that was released in 2015. Great tunes from the beginning, so it was no wonder that Porches, Aaron Maine, would assist the band in the production of their latest release, “Lean”.




From the start of the song with its dreamy guitar strums, added drum beats and winning vocals, I knew this song would be the one to blog. Blonder created the perfect feel good summertime tune, as it builds in intensity with synth and progresses to a full on dancey beat. Can’t wait for more.

As I finish this piece, I recognize it is the scary bewitching hour of nighttime and sometimes bad, negative things occur in the middle of the night. Surely, the thieves which plagued our street won’t return tonight, but my safety still feels compromised and a bit shaky. Sleeping might prove to be waylaid, as I worry with each itty bitty sound. I will just fold and put on my headphones to….

listen again and again.

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