New Tunes You Should Hear -The Only Ocean, Bridges and Powerlines, and Merchandise

With the tease of fall in the air today, I can’t help but feel relieved. Life has been so incredibly fuzzy and I am spending my day bombarding myself with new music. I am really digging the hazy guitar sounds of each of these new bands and their new music. So, listen to what I am listening to, in all its gleaming glory!


Listening and loving…’ll put the chill in your day with its dream-like rock, laden with guitar strum fuzzy echoes.

The Only Ocean-So Shy So High

The Only Ocean is a California foursome of lifelong friends, Wesley Hill-Vocals, Guitar
Dustin Whalen-Guitar, Alex Burdess-Bass, and Shae Kakos-Drums. “So Shy So High” is their second single off of their soon to be released EP , TOO.





This tune is everything….grit, power, and a bit of pop

Bridges and Powerlines-Even Killers Need A Home

bridges-and-powerlines-2016-press-photo-2_Mara-Abols.jpgphoto credit Mara Abols


Bridges and Powerlines is a Brooklyn based band. Andrew Wood, Pete Mucek, David Boyd, Keith Sigel, and Mason Ingram are the guys that create the sounds. They have a new album out on October 7, National Fantasy. The title track is too good not to share as well.

So here you go. A guitar lovely track with a sprinkle of piano, choruses that stay drifting in your head, and all neatly played up by the steady drum beats.

Bridges and Powerlines-National Fantasy



I recently listened to a live, in studio performance by Merchandise at WUOG in Athens and was smitten with the surprising country guitar start of this song which quickly changed to something a bit more melancholy and intense. I just can’t even…it’ll knock your socks off with its power.

Merchandise-Lonesome Sound




 Merchandise is a trio out of Tampa, Carson Cox (vocals, electronics), Dave Vassalotti (guitar, electronics) and Pat Brady (bass). With earlier music from bedroom recordings, they have upped their game for writing and collaborating across thousands of miles. New inspiration and a return to their earlier style with new vigor,  Merchandise released A Corpse Wired For Sound on September 23rd. Here is the skinny from 4AD,

“The trio travelled to Rosà, Italy for their first ever sessions in a recording studio with a local, Maurizio Baggio. The nine-song nocturnal A Corpse Wired For Sound was recorded half in the studio and half at home, in Tampa as well as Cox’s newly adopted bases of New York and Berlin – the culmination of a long-distance collaboration between Cox and Vassalotti.”

Despite the long distance and the changed habitats of the band, it seems to serve them well. Check ’em out as they tour in support.

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