On this date in 1969, The Beatles-Abbey Road was released-What’s your favorite track?


September 26, 1969 was the official UK release of The Beatles’ album, Abbey Road

Today, I feel a little nostalgic and want to celebrate this incredible album. What is your favorite track from the Abbey Road album?


Abbey Road was one of the first albums to have no printed words on the cover. All involved originally thought this would hurt sales, instead it sold over 4 million copies in 2 months. Touted as one of The Beatles best albums ever, it certainly has an iconic image that has been recreated by tourists and fans throughout it’s 47 year history.

Fun Trivia-

The Beatles originally planned a photo of Mt. Everest due to the original working title to be ‘Everest’, but none of them wanted to take the trip. It ended up taking only about 30 minutes to shoot the finished album cover at the new setting.

The gentleman in the background on the right, is Paul Cole an American tourist who had no idea he had been photographed until he saw the album months later.

Also note the famous Volkswagen Bug that parked regularly outside the flats across from EMI studios with the license plate LMW 281F. Sadly the bug had its plate repeatedly stolen over the coarse of many years. Ultimately the car was sold at auction in 1989 for £2,530 and is now in a German museum.

The cigarette in Paul’s hand was later airbrushed out of the photo and of course there is the famous controversy of Paul’s bare feet and him walking out of step with the others. Many believed it was a sign that he was dead. One of the most widespread urban legends began with college students questioning whether Paul died in an Aston Martin car accident and was replaced by a look-alike.  They claimed John Lennon in white represented a heavenly figure, Ringo in black an undertaker, and George in denim the gravedigger and all walking in what appeared to be a funeral procession. The license plate of the bug 281F was a potential clue hinting Paul would be 28 if he was still alive.

One of my favorite tunes of all time is Harrison’s “Something”. But today, as we head into one of the most volatile elections ever, I have to also pick “Come Together” as another favorite tune from Abbey Road. John Lennon wrote the tune in the midst of writing a campaign tune for  Timothy Leary’s vie for governor of California against Ronald Reagan. Interestingly, Come Together was Leary’s campaign slogan. Leary lost (due to a marijuana arrest), but sparked an incredible song. Some suggest each verse is actually describing each of the four Beatles. After learning this, I enjoyed listening again with different ears.



I would love to hear from you….What is your favorite track from the Abbey Road album?

Abbey Road

Come Together


Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Oh! Darling

Octopus’ Garden

I Want You

Here Comes The Sun


You Never Give Me Your Money

Sun King

Mean Mr. Mustard

Polythene Pam

She Came Through The Bathroom Window

Golden Slumbers

Carry The Weight

The End

Her Majesty




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