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Mood Monday

The other night, I had the craziest dreams. In fact…I didn’t want to wake up from them due to their beautiful and perplexing nature.

Maybe it is the seasonal change that has me so tired and sleepy. Or maybe, it is just knowing that amazing dreams may work their way into my subconscious. On this particular night, I experienced a host of brilliant dreams….I was flying. Flying to get places, flying to escape weird situations, and flying just for the pure joy of the ride. I recall almost every detail vividly. The landscape beneath me was spectacular. Not of our earth, but land so colorful I might have easily stepped into a Dr. Seuss world.

Have you ever experienced this kind of dream?

Doing a little research, I found that flying in a dream is quite common and can represent many incredible things.

  1. control
  2. a new perspective
  3. freedom
  4. a spirituality connection
  5. escape
  6. a strong sense of self


Flying dreams fall into the lucid dream category. Lucid dreams occur when you realize that you are dreaming and can actually take control of the dream. I could control my flying speed and height. I could also dip down really low when I wanted to see something up close. I remember waking feeling euphoric and content. I really didn’t want the dreams to end.

I am going to interpret these happy dreams with the idea that nothing can stop me. I am moving forward one step at a time and will allow nothing to drag me down. So this song fits perfectly for my mood today.

LoamLands-Restless One


unnamed (1).jpg

Loamlands is duo Kym Register and Will Hackney from Durham, NC and the sometimes support of Collier Reeves, Bradley Cook, Kyle Keegan, Matthew McCaughan, Nick Sanborn, Peter Lewis, Ryan Gustafson, and Daniel Westerlund.

Formerly involved in the punk rock scene, Kym has recently grown into a strong roots-rock southern sound. They both aim at telling stories of being from the South, through present day unique personal eyes. Kym gives insight into their debut album, Sweet High Rise, which was just released via Middle West Records…

 “I’ve been in the South, and in Durham in particular, most of my life. I see the same things happening to my small town that I’ve read about for years in history books. Speedy gentrification is raising property taxes and kicking poorer folks further towards the outskirts of town. We know this. On this record, I’m telling stories. Stories about love, about abuse, about Durham’s brutal history with LGBTQ and police violence. I’m telling stories of my own, stories that I’ve encountered, stories that enrage me and that maybe not everyone knows.”

Her vocal tone is perfection and the lush guitars fully support her singing strength. I am a fan. The entire album proves to be emotional, yet uplifting. The tune, “Restless One”  is an empowering anthem of breaking out of the past and moving forward.

“Your work here’s done, restless one

Your hands untied, restless one

You’re free to run, restless one”

Restlessness is energy and power that can create change and perhaps transform. I recognize as hard as I flap my arms, I am not going to take off like I did in my beautiful flying dreams. But perhaps, focusing my own restless energy in a purposeful direction, I can actually create a joy which comes with the satisfaction of a moment well done.

Yep, that would be flying.


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