Seeking a New Generation of Listeners- The Pretenders, Sting, Bob Weir, and Leonard Cohen



There isn’t any doubt that Chrissy Hind of The Pretenders, Sting, Bob Weir, and Leonard Cohen have a serious history of successful, meaningful, and life-changing music. Can they create and present new music and have it play well with a new generation?


Listen and feel free to chime in.

Like or Dislike?

The Pretenders-Holy Commotion



Sting-I Can’t Stop Thinking About You


Bob Weir-Lay My Lily Down


Leonard Cohen-You Want It Darker


Perhaps when you make music it is just plainly within your DNA to create, thus you never stop creating. Could it be likely that this is the music they are the most proud of because of the amazing journey and growth of their musical careers? Who do they have to please? As a writer and musician progresses, I believe the pleasing comes from the process and not always from the outcome.

Pat Conroy once wrote….


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